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Oklahoma Stars Mentoring Program

The Oklahoma Stars Mentoring Program is for young ladies ages 5 – 10 years old. The purpose of this program is to mentor these young ladies by providing them with a young woman as a role model who will encourage them to achieve their best and to make wise choices and who have an interest in competing someday in the Miss Oklahoma Competition. The current Miss Oklahoma local titleholders will serve as mentors to the Oklahoma Stars.

Each Oklahoma Star will have the opportunity, as provided by the local competition director, and local titleholder, to be a part of the titleholder’s year. The local titleholder is encouraged to engage the Oklahoma Stars in any activity that she can to make her feel a part of her year as she prepares for the Miss Oklahoma Competition, represents her local franchise at various events throughout the year and be a part of her platform and community service activities.

The Oklahoma Stars are present during the week of the Miss Oklahoma Competition. Each Oklahoma Star will participate during the evening gown segment the night that her titleholder has Evening Gown Competition. All Oklahoma Stars will appear during the Evening Gown Production on Saturday evening.


  • Encourage younger, active involvement in the Miss Oklahoma Organization.
  • Provide forum for personal growth.
  • Mentor using positive role models.
  • Have fun!

2019 Oklahoma Stars Manual