Vote for Clytee

Vote for Clytee
July 24, 2011 Lindsey Hansen

Our Miss Oklahoma’s Outstanding Teen, Clytee Burchett has been working very hard in preparation for The Miss America’s Outstanding Teen competition which will be held August 16-20. The time is just around the corner.

For the first time Miss America’s Outstanding Teen and fourpoints magazine are giving YOU the opportunity to vote two semi-finalists into the Top Twelve! This year, TWO of the semi-finalists for the title of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2012 will be determined by the public. You can vote for your favorite contestant using your credit card at our secure website.

$1 = 1 Vote

You can vote as many times as you wish or you can enter the full amount of votes that you wish to cast at one time. For example: $20.00 = 20 votes for your favorite contestant! The TWO contestants with the most votes will be named “People’s Choice” winners and will become TWO of the Top 12 Semi-Finalists on the final night of the 2011 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageant.

Please vote for Clytee!!!!!!! Pass this along to all of our pageant family and friends!!! Let’s help Clytee be a Top Twelve Semi-Finalist!