Ashley Thompson Crowned Miss Oklahoma 2018

Ashley Thompson Crowned Miss Oklahoma 2018
June 9, 2018 Lindsey Hansen

Ashley Thompson, Miss Edmond LibertyFest was crowned Miss Oklahoma, 2018 on June 9 at the River Spirit Resort in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thompson tap danced for her talent to ” Runaway Baby”. Her platform is Reality Check, Modern Day Slavery Still Exists. Thompson will compete in the Miss America Competition on Sept. 9 in Atlantic City, NJ.


From left:

Fourth Runner-up was Miss Bethany, Megan Gold. Gold performed the flue to “Dueling Banjos.”

Second Runner-up was Miss NSU, Carrigan Bradley. Bradley sang “That’s Life.”

Ashley Thompson, Miss Oklahoma 2018

First Runner-up was Miss NW Oklahoma City, Caitlin Morris. Morris performed a ballet en pointe to “Live and Let Live.”

Third Runner-up was Miss Bricktown, Julianne Thomison. Thomison performed contemporary ballet en point to “Beethoven’s Fifth.”


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