Esther Scholarship Recipient

Esther Scholarship Recipient
June 6, 2010 admin

kidsCongratulations to Taylor Upson, Miss Collinsville, the 2010 Esther Scholarship recipient. Upson was awarded the Esther Scholarship for overcoming adversity in her life and helping others overcome adversity in their own lives.

Only 19 short months ago Upson was unexpectedly rushed to the hospital after discovering she had a dangerously low blood platelet count. The doctors told her it was likely she had leukemia. After numerous months on Prednisone, to help her body produce platelets, her body was reacting in a very negative way. She had problems doing simple everyday tasks, such as walking, because her legs were so swollen. After a bone marrow biopsy the doctors determined it was not leukemia and she was diagnosed with ITP: Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Perpura. The doctors were able to remove her spleen to save her life.

After Upson’s life-changing experience, she grew a greater compassion for the children and families she works with through Children’s Miracle Network. She understood first-hand, the importance of having specialized care and providing relief from medical bills for families in need.  As Miss Collinsville, Upson met a brave boy named Blade who is battling Leukemia. Instead of doing a one-time fundraiser to help relieve his families’ medical bills, she decided to start a foundation in his honor called “Making Miracles.” The goal of the foundation is to provide much needed help to families burdened with medical bills or unexpected expenses and bring hope to these families. Another goal of the foundation is to build a team of volunteers to aid local hospitals with tasks like, cleaning the toys in hospital playrooms, taking food to families who can’t leave their loved one’s side and provide a little fun for these children and families by donating books, movies, games, art supplies, etc.

To learn more about Upson’s platform, Making Miracles please visit;